Why your child must have a nursery?
It is important to let them have this space once they grow older and reaches various developmental milestones, mentally and physically. It will soon become the space where they sleep, play, study and dream.
Why Cradle & Maa?
We try to make our products functional for the baby as well as the parent which is rare to find, We ensure Durability, functionality, quality and aesthetics. All our products are made in India, with Indian Materials and by Indian Craftsmen and Carpenters.
Till what age can the baby use the Cot?
0-3 Years of age.
Are Cradle and Maa Products Durable?
All Cradle and Maa products are durable and made with high quality Steam Birch Wood.
Are the levels in Cot adjustable?
The level can be put down from 21” (with mattress) to 12” (with mattress) and used as a bed for the baby.
What is the sliding Railing option?
The up-down sliding railing option allows you to slide down of even take off the railing from the Cot. Can also be used to attach the cot to bedside.
Any Customizations?
Yes, we do customize sizes and colors. Mail us at Cradleandmaa@gmail.com for customization requests.
Which mattress is provided with cots?
We provide 3” super soft Foam Mattress with all our cots.
How will the cot get assembled?
All Cradle and Maa Cots are DIY (Do It Yourself) Cots. They can be assembled-dissembled easily with the instructions mentioned in the care manual that comes with it.